Real praise from real families (including Uma Thurman!)

We've helped hundreds of families over the years to achieve calm and peaceful sleep routines as well as provide general Nannying services to a variety of families across Australia, United Kingdom and America.

Amazing is an understatement! Victoria was a life saver and not only got our little man into a sleeping routine to save our sleep but gave great advice and tips to get through the hurdles of being first time parents. We would highly recommend her to anybody! She saved our sleep and our sanity. We’re definitely hiring her for baby number 2!


Christina Winterburn 
Brisbane, QLD

Victoria worked with us when we had our first baby. She helped us get into a routine that suited our lifestyle and we honestly believe our baby is a great sleeper because of the help Victoria provided. She was fantastic!!


Caroline Cave
Brisbane, QLD

We’re so grateful for having Victoria recommended to us. As a first time mum, her advice, relaxed demeanour and ‘extra set of hands’ made a normally stressful and uncertain time very manageable. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her services to others looking for some extra help and invaluable advice. 

Kate & Rob 
Brisbane, QLD


Our son Charlie arrived three and a half weeks early so we were extremely grateful that Victoria could come to work for us as a Maternity Nurse at short notice in the latter half of July 2014. She was preferentially referred by our pre-booked maternity nurse who was unable to start at the earlier date. I found her to be professional, responsible, calming, sensible, thoughtful and experienced at a time when everything was very much new and challenging for my husband and I. She had local knowledge of where to obtain the best breast pump equipment at short notice and was helpful in assisting me to breastfeed my son. In addition, she gave advice on local activities for babies, specifically those that were more worthwhile than others. In our area, many of these activities need to be booked well in advance so we were well prepared subsequently. I would highly recommend Victoria for the role of maternity nurse or nanny. We were all very sad to see her relocate to Australia, however, are very happy for her in new enterprise and wish her all the best

Dr Anita Jatan - England

Celebrity Night Nanny


I met Victoria though a word of mouth recommendation of a respected friend, in May of 2012. I was pregnant, and my friends were raving about the woman who had helped them through the infancy of both of their children. I had already had two children, but a decade earlier, and was trying remember what the first days were like, after so many years. My memories of those days were beautiful, with the exception of the anxieties one has about all the unknowns of a newborn. Victoria's vast experience, proper and extensive training and study speak for themselves. The New Zealand school Ragi Ruru is world renown, and one of the only institutions that prepare child care professionals with in depth knowledge  and real respect for the importance of the profession. What can not be relayed on paper is her sparkling wit and positivity. Despite the rigors of long nights and constant interrupted sleep, she somehow remains laughing .There is no question about the well being of your newborn that she won't have some knowledge and experience on how to address. Yet she is open minded and curious in just the way a thoughtful person should be. Even though she is focused on maternity care, no one has blended into the lives of my older children, with such ease and fast affection, it saddens us terribly not to have her in our daily lives. We feel very blessed that it was possible for her to stay with us for almost five months of our little girls life. Last but not least, I can attest to the the fact that our baby is a calm, happy baby, who has remained healthy, without and difficulties, and best of all consolidated her sleep in a timely fashion. This is much attributed to Victorias excellent care. Our loss would be your gift in the company of Victoria Clifford.

Uma Thurman United States

How to get my baby to sleep


I had my first baby Harry in August 2015 and Victoria started with us the night we came home from hospital. We have had the most wonderful experience with Victoria from the very first moment we met her. She was always there for me to offer advice and tips on how to prepare the house and what I would need before bringing Harry home. She went out of her way to visit me before the birth to make sure we were all set. Victoria very quickly became an important member of our family. She was very supportive of me when it came to feeding or having a chat about Harry. She has a very nurturing presence about her and because of this has a special bond with our son. With Victoria’s help Harry was sleeping through the night by 6 to 8 weeks and still continues to do so 7 months later. I can not thank Vicotria enough for all the time she has put into getting Harry into a 7 to 7 routine. I feel with Victoria’s help this routine was achieved far earlier than if we had done it alone and can only imagine how hard life would have been if she hadn’t started with us from birth. Victoria still remains very close to myself and Harry and we look forward to having her work with us again when we have another baby. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a night nanny.


Dr Philip and Holly Richardson Queensland

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