Jul 23

When should I transfer my toddler to a bed?

By Victoria Clifford | Uncategorized

One of the most nerve wracking transitions a parent can face is moving a toddler from their cot to a bed. For some it can go so incredibly smooth, no issues – no challenges. For others, it can be a real change to the peace and ease of your night time routine. 

While there’s a lot of chatter about a ‘magic age’, every child and experience is different… and even circumstances. A new baby on the way or your toddler trying to climb out of the cot are generally the main reasons people may be looking to fast track the move. 

In my experience, I’ve found transitioning a lot easier from 2 years of age. Earlier can be challenging but definitely not impossible. I transitioned my eldest daughter when she was 2.5 years old as we were travelling to Europe  (while pregnant with my second) and it was going to be a lot easier to have her in a bed. It was definitely a transition based on circumstances; But with my second, she told us when she was ready and we didn’t push it. We had a cot that turned into a toddler bed so all we did was take off the side. Using a toddler bed is a great way to transition as they are lower to the ground so not only does it make it easier for kids to practice getting in/out of bed but it’s safer if they do fall out. 

If circumstances allow, I do find the longer kids are in the cot the better they are at adjusting to this change in environment. They are less likely to roll around (or out) as much; they tend to keep the blankets on themselves and most importantly stay in bed! Boys, in particular, tend to be better at transitioning to a bed the longer they have stayed in the cot (so long as they are still happy to be in there). Girls, on the other hand, generally are more ‘emotionally ready’. Personally, I would look at transitioning a boy when they are closer to 3 years of age and a girl around 2.5 – 3 years of age. 

If you are expecting another baby and want the cot once they are out of a bassinet then I highly recommend transitioning your toddler before the baby comes to avoid any unnecessary jealousy. This gives your toddler ample time to adjust to their ‘big bed’ and isn’t another chaotic change to their little world. 

If your toddler starts climbing out of the cot or showing signs they are close to being able to then I would definitely transition them as soon as possible. Safety is always the most important!

And just like that we’re already talking beds! They grow up so quick don’t they? Remember to enjoy the ride, bumps and all. If you’re having a little difficulty with the adjustment, drop me a line and we can work out a plan together.

Good luck!

Victoria x

May 15

How should I be dressing my bubs for the cooler months?

By Victoria Clifford | Uncategorized

Well mums, with the cooler months well and truly kicking in, I thought it was a good idea to have a chat about something that I know baffles a lot of us… What do I dress my bub in at night?

The challenge we have in Queensland is that it’s still pretty mild when bubs is heading off to sleep. If not, we’re at least around to turn on heating if needed or warm them up with a nice bath. The issue is the temperature drop that generally takes place about 1am. This is when a lot of my clients notice a sudden change in sleeping. Bubs being cold could potentially be one of the reasons for it!

There is no hard and fast rule and it can be quite confusing however here are a few of my tips and tricks on trying to get the balance right:

During your night routine, check the weather to see what the coolest temperature will be later in the evening. This will give you a guide as to what bubs is going to need tonight. My suggestion is to always dress bubs for the coldest part of the night so long sleeve pyjamas or onesie.

For babies, avoid loose blankets as per the SIDs guidelines. For toddlers; blankets are fine however if they are anything like my girls, they will be kicked off well before you have even made it to bed.

A 2 – 2.5 tog sleep bag is a great investment for the colder months. If bubs is not rolling yet, try tucking their arms into the sides of the bag however; there are some babies that would much prefer to sleep like a “starfish” with their arms out wide from an early age. Check if your sleeping bag has little buttons around the arm holes so you can fasten/unfasten as needed.

For toddlers, Ergo does a great onesie which ranges in 0.2 – 3.5 tog. These are great as there is no need for blankets. I just put my girls into normal pyjamas under it and they are kept nice and snug.

There’s lots of really cute thick, fleecy sleepwear out there but be mindful of how warm the chosen onesie/pyjamas might be once they are placed into a thick sleeping bag – Being too warm can also cause sleep issues. A good idea is to think about what you wear to bed and the covers you need and use it as a gauge.

Before heading to bed, I check on my girls to see how warm they are by putting my hand on their back or tummy. There are certainly much more accurate ways of checking but I find you can generally get a good feel for how they are through touch.

It really is a bit of a trial and error particularly as the weather fluctuates over the next few weeks but hopefully this gives you a good guide on where to start!

Stay warm ladies!

Victoria x