Meet Victoria: Brisbane's Most Recommended Baby Sleep Consultant. 

Victoria Clifford is a highly-recommended and certified Night Nanny. Victoria has travelled the world as a high-profile family Nanny since she’s left her home country, New Zealand.

Among her list of high-profile families is movie, star Uma Thurman. She lived with the Thurmans while caring for her youngest daughter for 6 months. Victoria shares her insights into travelling as a child-care professional, bringing home a newborn, and supporting first-time mums in our interview.

Brisbane Baby Sleep Consultant

Victoria - Your Baby Sleep Expert

Hi! I'm Victoria....

Victoria with her young family.

Hi, I'm Victoria and I'm your solution to your baby's sleep problems. I am originally from New Zealand. My passion for working with children started when I was a teenager babysitting for the headmaster and house masters when I was a student at Wanganui Collegiate. After completing my secondary education I went to Rangi Ruru Nanny school where I graduated with a commendation and gained the New Zealand national nanny diploma.

Since I've worked in New Zealand, Australia, England, America, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, my experience extends to families from all walks of life.... from royalty and celebrities to everyday working parents . I have 16 years experience working as a nanny and 4 years as a non-medical maternity nurse. Also, I hold the Newborn Education Services and Training qualification in non-medical maternity nursing and post natal care. This course is accredited in the U.K.

Most importantly, I love teaching Parent's and working along side them so they can enjoy their new baby or toddler and can have a happy contented child in a good routine. I am now settled in Brisbane with my husband and our beautiful daughter.

My Philosophy

I believe that each baby is different and that there is not a one size fits all approach to sleep learning. Through my science-based, gentle, holistic approach I create healthy sleep patterns and habits to encourage babies and children to love sleep and the rest they need. I incorporates a variety of factors such as emotional well-being, health, sleep environment, nutrition, dietary requirements, sleep associations and parenting styles, which may contribute to sleep disruption before moving onto sleep training. 

Advice For Mums

It’s hard nowadays because people don’t have as much family support as we used to. Grandparents, friends, relatives would be around to help with the newborn and show mum how to settle her baby, but times have changed. There are heaps more career women out there. How can they be expected to focus on their career when they have a 6-week old baby not sleeping. I can’t stress enough how important sleep is.

For advice, I would say “stay calm,” but I know it’s hard to when you hear your baby cry. There is help available out there for mums, and as mums, we need to know it’s okay to ask for help. Post-natal depression is a lot higher now along with Super-Mum syndrome. People need to get comfortable asking for help when they need it.