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Let’s be frank - Motherhood is incredibly rewarding however; it can also be incredibly challenging! Understanding babies and their changing needs as they grow can be a tough path to navigate. We believe that helping mothers to be confident in themselves leads to a happy and healthy family. Whether you plan to be a stay-at-home mum or need to get back to work as soon as possible our range of services from Maternity/Night Nanny to Sleep Consultations are designed for all mothers regardless of the stage you’re in.

Hugely popular overseas, a Maternity/Night Nanny, will come to your home 5 nights per week and care for your baby overnight - feeding, changing nappies and soothing your baby back to sleep allowing you and your family much needed rest. Our role is to provide support, advice and guidance to new parents whether that is for a week or many months.

We believe that each baby is different and that there is not a one size fits all approach to sleep learning. Through our science-based, gentle, holistic approach we create healthy sleep patterns and habits to encourage babies and children to love sleep and the rest they need. Our approach incorporates a variety of factors such as emotional well-being, sleep environment, dietary requirements, sleep associations and parenting styles, which may contribute to sleep disruption before moving onto sleep training. Our 5 top pillars for each and every client is:
1. Consistency
2. Patience
3. Calmness
4. Communication
5. Respect

You can rest easy knowing your child is in safe hands. Not only are we fully qualified Nannies, we also hold the following up to date requirements:
- First Aid including CPR
- Blue Card
- Police Checks
- Nanny Insurance

- Sleep Consultant
- Safe Sleeping certificate

"I love working with families and helping them get the most out of their precious time together" 
- Victoria Clifford, Director

Victoria has been featured in the following quality publications as well as on forums such as 'Mums of Brisbane':

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