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Your gentle and calm Night Nanny using holistic sleep solutions to solve your newborn sleep problems. Restore your sleep, change your life & build confidence as a parent with me.

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Restore your sleep, change your life & build confidence as a parent with me.

Welcome to Prestige Baby Guru, my name is Victoria Clifford and my mission is to help you restore your sleep, change your life and gain confidence as a parent through my gentle and calm approach to solving your newborns sleep problems. I am a trained night nanny, ready to help you and your family. 

I offer services to come into your home to help you with your newborn baby. I can be booked for days, nights or 24 hr care. It is very popular in the UK, Europe and U.S.A where the girls call themselves maternity nurses (for legal reasons we cannot call ourselves this in Australia). We don't have medical qualifications but most girls do hold qualifications in non medical maternity nursing, night nannying or have several years of experience. My role as a night nanny is to provide support,advice and guidance to new parents sometimes this role is for a week and sometimes it is for 3-6 months.

My Services To Help Your Baby Sleep

Baby Sleep Consultant

Help Me

Phone or in-home consult to help answer specific questions and concerns about your baby's sleep.

Baby Sleep

Revive Me

An overnight stay in your home, so Mummy & Daddy can finally get some sleep waking up revived. 

Baby Sleep Training

Teach Me

Available hourly from 7pm-7am to help with a personalised routine for baby & answer any questions.  

Prepare Me

Help with nursery set up, recommending products and list of must have before the baby arrives.

Victoria worked with us when we had our first baby. She helped us get into a routine that suited our lifestyle and we honestly believe our baby is a great sleeper because of the help Victoria provided. She was fantastic!!

Caroline Cave

Brisbane, QLD

What Sets Prestige Baby Guru Apart

I'm passionate about helping parents and babies sleep sounding, ensuring a happier and healthier family life. Often parents who follow an attachment parenting philosophies struggle with the idea of sleep training. They think their decision is selfish or wrong, and that they will damage the bond they have with their baby. You can be confident with my gentle sleep training there is no time when your baby is crying and distressed for long periods, there is no opportunity for an attachment issues to arise as you never leave your baby’s side while they are upset. My 5 top pillars for each and every client is:

  • Consistency.
  • Patience.
  • Calmness
  • Communication.
  • Respect..

Which Package Is Right For You?

I believe that every family has a right to sleep they need, so we’ve got a range of packages to make sure everyone is covered. From email support for more simple sleep challenges, to phone consults and in-home consultations to deal with more complex or interconnected issues, we can help. Read on here to understand more of what each package entails and, if you’re still not sure which option is right for you, reach out to one of our consultants in your region and they can assess the level of support you need.

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Let Victoria Help You Achieve A Happier Household

Become one of the many happy clients that Victoria has helped established a gentle sleep routine with their babies, which has allowed them to become a healthier and happier household. When baby sleeps, the parents sleep. And that means a well rested and refreshed family. You don't need to feel exhausted and frustrated any longer - help is available!

View my latest video on 'How To Calm A Crying Baby'......

This video was shared on Mums of Brisbane's Facebook Page to help local mums calm their babies and get them off to sleep. 


Would like to know more about Victoria and her methods? You can book in a 15min FREE phone consult to see if she is a good fit for your family. During the 15min phone consult she will ask you about your baby's sleep problems and determine if it's actually a problem, learn if this is a good time to introduce a sleep consultant and/or make changes, learn more about her processes and philosophy and of course, get feedback on which service is right for you.